Access / Traffic

The main entrance of the festival can be accessed from Ady Entre street. Limited number of parking places is available in the direct vicinity of the festival. Everyone is encouraged to opt for public transport or bike, if possible. This year, a high-capacity bike storage is available for use by our guests. During the festival, increased police control can be expected at the Great Forest, at the festival premises and on the streets around. Therefore, please pay heightened attention to the rules of safe traffic. Avoid driving, riding the bike or motorcycle under the influence of alcohol – even to a small extent.


The price of the daily pass is HUF 12,490 for Wednesday (Day 0), and HUF 12,990 for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Price of the weekly pass: HUF 28,990 VIP passes are also available: daily passes for Thursday, Friday and Saturday cost HUF 21,000, while 3-day VIP passes can be purchased for HUF 48,000. The VIP daily pass for Thursday and the VIP 3-day pass do not allow access to the ceremony on Thursday.

Opening, closing

Campus Festival opens on 17 July 2019 (Day 0) at 2:00 p.m., and guests can occupy the camping site thereafter. The camping pass is HUF 1000 / person, which is valid throughout the entire event. Festival guests shall leave the place of the event by 10:00 a.m., on 21 July (Sunday).

Validity of passes

The daily pass of a specific day is valid until 10:00 a.m. next day. If you arrive after midnight, you can purchase daily pass for the previous day. Passes that are valid for the specific day are available after 6:00 a.m. By purchasing the pass, you automatically accept the House Rules of the event.


Anyone entering the festival premises shall wear wristband. Within the enclosed area, our dedicated staff is continuously controlling the presence of wristbands. Tickets purchased in advance shall be redeemed for wristbands at the site, which may not be transferred to anyone else, and we cannot exchange or replace damaged or lost wristbands. Wristbands are printed with UV ink. Any wristband with blurred UV print is deemed as damaged.

Reception capacity

Festival locations have limited reception capacity. In line with the safety requirements, when reaching the maximum capacity of a specific location, the organizers – under the coordination of the security services – may restrict access to the specific location.

What is not allowed to bring to Campus Festival?

It is strictly prohibited to bring such objects to the premises of Campus Festival that risk the physical safety of others. In line with the requirements of the effective legal regulations you cannot have objects with you that threaten public safety (a knife with a cutting edge of over 8 cm, spring knife, self-defense spray, etc.), having any of these objects is considered violation of regulations. Consumption and possession of both light and hard drugs are punishable offenses in Hungary, and therefore they are prohibited to take to Campus Festival. It is strictly prohibited to take firecrackers, rockets, any pyrotechnic device, punching and cutting tools, weapons, glass objects, alcoholic beverages, soft drink bottles and food products of commercial volumes to Campus Festival! It is not allowed to bring animals to the festival premises.

Medical service

Non-stop medical and ambulance service is provided at the event. During the day, those looking for recreation can have a rest at the Relax tent.

Sanitary facilities

Facilities for washing are provided by showers located at the premises of the Great Forest Camping site.


An Information tent will be operated on the festival premises. Do not hesitate to ask for support!

Lost & Found

Lost and found objects are collected at the Information desk located at the entrance. Please bring any found objects, and ask for your lost belongings here.

Purchasing tobacco products

Due to legal regulations, tobacco products may only be purchased in National Tobacco Shops. At the festival premises, there is a shop dedicated to this purpose.

Other important things to know

Access to the event is free of charge for children under 12. Guests over the age of 12 can enter the festival with normal tickets. Audio and video recordings are taken at the event. Each participant appearing in the images may be named with her/his consent, but may not have any claim against the organizers, the photographers and the legitimate users of the recordings. Audio and video recordings, as well as drone recordings may be taken at the event solely with the written consent of the organizers. Should you have any further inquiry or request, please contact It is prohibited to carry on any commercial or advertising activity at the area of the event without the written consent of the organizers. The organizers shall not take responsibility for any accident happening outside the area of the event. Alcoholic beverages may be served to visitors under the age of 18 years and people already being under the influence of alcohol. Please take increased care to protect and preserve the natural values, and do not litter. The event will be held in the case of bad weather as well. We reserve the right to change the program. Please take care of yourselves and each other.